It’s all happening down by the creek

Well it’s been a busy few weeks.
The Quirky & Quaint in Design Event was well attended and lots of happy people  went off with their unique buys.

The showroom is now bursting with recycled, up-cycled & restored unique pieces.

There’s also some real fabulous one offs to create the WOW factor in your home. You’ll be amazed at the prices too.

From surfboard coat hooks, oil drums transformed into mirrors, tables, lanterns and even a rhinos head!

Then there’s the musical drums that become tables, planters and a skull lamp. Coffee sacks are now large cushions and there’s so much more to feast your eyes on. Give us a call and then come in to see us.

Whilst you’re here you can peruse the largest selection of wallpaper and fabric samples around . Why not walk into the workroom and see where the curtains are made?

Upstairs is the blind and shutter gallery where you will find a wide array of every type of blind.
Then there’s the FREE in showroom interior design consultancies . We Offer a full design and project management service. So what are you waiting for?
Visit our website or email to make an appointment. She will be delighted to see you.
We have been creating wonderful interiors since 1982 all over the world.
Hamiltons fit around you, you pick a time ( being reasonable obviously ) and we will open up. You can have your own personal shop!
We are client lead and customer focused.
See you very soon and thanks for reading!

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